Menu 78 €
Set wine menu 62 €

Includes still or sparkling water

Pike from lake Pyhäjärvi and beets from Rekola

Goat milk ricotta from Peevo and cabbage from Ahtila

Pan fried pike perch from lake Pyhäjärvi,
leek from Rekola and butter sabayone

Venison from Punkalaidun,
celeriac from Rekola and porcini mushroom sauce

Strawberry from Tukiainen and lemon verbena from Kaihola

Potato ice cream and notes of liquorice 

Add on

Carelian Caviar  12 €

Heidi brie from Herkkujuustola 8 €

Three-course menu 55 €
Wine menu 39 €
The table is available for 2,5 hours

C tasting menu 120 €
Wine menu 85 €

4 hours menu to start at latest 6 pm

Please let us know all special diets in advance.

We can not fulfill all wishes made at the restaurant.