Menu 68 €

Ricotta cheese from Peevo, ground elder and funnel chantarelles
12 €
Crayfish soup and summer vegetables from Rekola
12 €
Pike from Pyhäjärvi, parsnip and dill from Rekola
28 €
Asko Männistö’s lamb shoulder, beetroot from Rekola and sage sauce
28 €
Raspberries from Räsälä
6 €
Sea buckthorn from Räsälä, rye and dill from Rekola
10 €

Finnish cheeses
+ 8 €

Our menus can be prepaired suiteable to all special diets upon  request in advance

Recommended wines 57 € 48 cl
Non alcoholic beverages 30

C tastingmenu 108 €

Please reserve the menu in advance and let us know if You have any diets. Diration og the menu is 4 hours.

Set wine menu 85 € (60 cl)

Sommelier’s Table

Served only to the whole entourage minimum of six when ordered in advance
Price according to choosen wines