Ilkka Isotalo is a miracle in the kitchen, treating his ingredients with respect while creating delicious portions. His expertise is on such a solid base that it is easy for him to create new ideas and combinations. Ilkka’s style is sincere and honest. His aim is to find a balance between food and wine. The resulting combinations are natural and loyal to all the ingredients. Only the best ingredients are used whether they come from near or far. At C we honour the legacy of Finnish chefs and the work of small farmers and producers. Born in the coast town Rauma, Ilkka’s way to Tampere came via Helsinki. Working closely with Chef Heikki Ahopelto at restaurant Näsinneula gained him a lot of innovation and knowledge.

Christina Suominen represents long time experience and gains her expertise from versatile knowledge in the on trade business. Christina specialised on beverages sold in restaurants and came to Tampere from Helsinki to gain more knowledge in the wine importing and wholesale business. The beautiful city of Tampere made her to stay. While combining food and wine she remembers the basic rules but lights up all personalities in the combination. Challenging and taking advantage from classical combinations she creates surprising flavours that are characteristics for her. Each people and situation impact the choice. Surprising combinations create new experiences that are questioning beliefs and old myths. Every combination underlines the quality and passion of the winemaker.